Usually one begins the oboe after playing another instrument. Because the oboe is a difficult instrument, it is important to begin with knowledge of the correct fundamentals. The most common instruments to switch from are flute, clarinet and saxophone.  From each of these three instruments there are specific changes that must be made successfully to obtain the proper oboe embouchure, especially since a change to oboe may occur after several years of learning and playing on an instrument with a different embouchure. Habits or techniques are perhaps more easily learned than modified and relearned.

    However, switching from another woodwind instrument to the oboe can be easy in other ways because there are several fundamentals that are common among all of the woodwinds. Use of breath and the fingering systems between the flute, clarinet, saxophone, and oboe are quite similar and manageable, but the embouchure for each woodwind is different and the most important aspect of playing each instrument well. The inability to adopt the proper embouchure for that particular woodwind may prevent you from advancing to the next level of playing the instrument. Also struggling over the oboe’s embouchure may prevent you from making the most of breathing and fingering skills already learned on the previous instrument.

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